I work with increased anxiety, panic attacks, fears. I can help to repair your relations with others, learn ways to self-regulate your emotions, and set and achieve your goals in life. I ensure understanding, acceptance and confidentiality.
Gestalt therapy
3 years’ experience
Daria Parfyonova
Consultation with the psychologist in chat format. Up to half the cost can be paid with sparks
Chat with a therapist
15 minutes: $10
30 minutes: $20
60 minutes: $40
Consultation with the psychologist in the format of a phone or video call. Up to half the cost can be paid with sparks
Zoom-call a therapist
15 minutes: $10
30 minutes: $20
60 minutes: $40
I am a practicing psychologist with whom you can do all this and more. You will become the main participant in therapy, answer all your questions and solve all your problems. My role is to support you and provide professional assistance.

Topics I work with:

Increased anxiety. I work with all types of anxiety:
  1. Panic attacks,
  2. Phobias,
  3. Fear of communicating with people
  4. Fear of public places
  5. Fear of the future
  6. Situational anxiety.
I will help you find the cause of anxiety and provide specific ways to cope with it. You will get the first results after two consultations.

Apathy and depression. I can help you to understand the causes of apathy and recover the desire to live an active life. I work with all types of depressive states through the analysis of thoughts and behavior.

Problems with self-esteem. I will teach you how to deal with any criticism. You will:
  1. Stop criticizing and devaluing yourself
  2. Stop being afraid of judgment
  3. Learn to respond to criticism
  4. Begin to love, accept and choose yourself

Emotional problems. I will help you deal with emotions and make contact with them.
  1. You will be able to identify your and other people’s emotions
  2. You will learn to understand and accept your emotions
  3. You will gain the ability to self-regulate and know when and how to express emotions

I work according to cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, since this method allows me to achieve results in a relatively short space of time.
I'm going through personal therapy and supervision. I participate in seminars, forums, educational and therapeutic programs.
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