I can help you to build relationships with yourself. Low self-esteem, anxiety, self-criticism, depression, apathy, perfectionism are key themes in my work. In therapy, I value structure. It is important in helping me to solve problems and provide all the necessary tools so that in the future you can deal with issues by yourself.
Cognitive therapy
Body-oriented therapy
Art therapy
3 years’ experience
Ekaterina Zaychikova
Consultation with the psychologist in chat format. Up to half the cost can be paid with sparks
Chat with a therapist
15 minutes: $10
30 minutes: $20
60 minutes: $40
Consultation with the psychologist in the format of a phone or video call. Up to half the cost can be paid with sparks
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30 minutes: $20
60 minutes: $40
I am ready to help you overcome painful problems, even if the situation seems hopeless to you. I am sure that the difficulties you are facing have a solution and you do not have to look for it alone. Together we will overcome your issues and reach a place where it is comfortable, safe, calm and joyful.

I work with adults using a cognitive behavioral approach and help improve the most important thing — your relationship with yourself. This means you can contact me if you:

  • experience anxiety around other people, difficulties with communication, nervousness during social interactions
  • feel insecure, find it difficult to hold boundaries and say “no”
  • understand that low self-esteem not only causes you inner discomfort, but also negatively affects all areas of life
  • want to make changes but you cannot achieve it on your own, constantly going round and round in a vicious circle
  • are overly critical and demanding of yourself and this prevents you from relaxing
  • dream of feeling happy but your mood remains low most of the time
  • are confused about your feelings, desires, aspirations and cannot establish your internal priorities or understand who you are and what you want
  • want to improve your overall quality of life.

I have education and experience in other modalities (art therapy, body-oriented therapy, coaching). If a particular request/case requires certain techniques, I integrate methods in sessions.

My main goal in my work is not just to reduce or eradicate the symptoms, but to change the deep-seated beliefs and coping mechanisms that negatively affect your life and create problems that wear us down on a day-to-day basis.
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